Mrs. G. has a Glock in her desk. Mr. S. has a six-shooter.

Any effort to recruit and train teachers as armed guards on school campuses is utterly outrageous.

I am a teacher. I personally have great experience with guns, and I respect their appeal and their power. I have completed hunter’s safety courses, and have been individually trained in how to carry, clean, and handle a variety of firearms. I would never under any circumstances carry a loaded gun onto a school campus.

No amount of training would prepare any teacher for carrying a deadly weapon into a room full of children or teenagers. Guns should not be allowed in a classroom. They should not be locked in a teacher’s desk. They should not be in the parking lot, locked in a teacher’s car. Period. If a tragic event took place on a school campus involving brass knuckles, you wouldn’t start passing them out to teachers. Likewise with lead pipes, chainsaws, knives or anything else that could be used as a dangerous weapon. Why on earth would giving guns to teachers ever cross anybody’s mind as a good idea?

Smoking is not allowed on school campuses. Alcohol is not allowed on school campuses. Offensive clothing is not allowed on school campuses, but now guns are up for debate? Guns in the hands of teachers? Really? Teaching is hands-down the most emotionally and intellectually demanding profession in the world. On a daily basis, teachers are entrusted with the physical, moral, and emotional well-being of our nation’s children. Now some pro-gun advocates want to arm them, effectively dumping the responsibility of life and death at the pull of a trigger in the hands of some of the most honorable, over-burdened, and under-appreciated people in the nation. Teachers are already playing the roles of guardians, mentors, coaches, confidants, surrogate parents, and counselors. Do we really want to add armed guard to their overwhelming duties?

Whether or not there should be trained, experienced, and properly licensed guards on school grounds is ultimately for the families of the students to decide. These people, should they exist in school communities at all, should not be the school’s teachers under any circumstance. The fact that this topic has become a serious debate is downright frightening. If you are a teacher and a pro-gun advocate and you believe that you have the right to be armed on a school campus, you should not be evaluating your rights as a gun-owner, you should instead be reevaluating your decision to be a teacher.

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